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Above all else, we are committed to assisting individuals with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, reach their highest potential and live more meaningful lives.

Our Mission

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Our Community Is Our Family

At Cambridge Assisted Living our goal is to create a safe, loving, and supportive home for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

We have created a safe, active and healthy environment that allows our residents to thrive in a space that fosters both familial interaction as well as community involvement. We are entirely committed to creating a space that allows our residents to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Fostering Independance

A huge part of what we do at Cambridge Assisted Living is fostering a sense of independence in our residents. We believe that in order for our residents to live fulfilling lives they must be able to have the ability to make their own decisions

Solo and Co-Ed Living Spaces

Cambridge Assisted Living offers state-of-the-art private and insurance paid rooms within a secure home. We offer advanced security and safety features that allow us to tailor to both our community and each resident individually. We are built to create independence while allowing our residence to say safe.

Community Involvement

We believe that a major part of having a fulfilling life is being a part of something larger. We've custom built events, activities, and programs that allow our residents to build bonds between each other and the community.

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Our Vision

The Vision of CALARC is that we may empower individuals to remove the focus from their disabilities and increase their abilities causing them to flourish and sense of self-confidence in their day to day living.

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Relationship Based Care

We hire the best local caregivers available. Each caregiver spends time with each individual resident allowing them to learn their likes, dislikes, what they enjoy and their personal care needs, and what their individual struggles and limitations are. Allowing us to build not just a community but a family.

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24/7 Care And Monitoring

We continuously provide 24/7 around the clock support and care for our residents. Our system is designed to meet and exceed state and federal regulations that allow us and you to know your family is our family and top priority. We take input from family, guardians, and doctors to ensure our resident's around the clock care and needs are met with the upmost respect and care.

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Curated Health Plans

We have local licensed nurses onsite who are available 24/7 to monitor our resident's health, provide medical assistance, and any other medical need they may have. Each of residents has a completely unique customized care plan that is curated and maintained by licensed registered nurses to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life for our residents. Our curated care plans are accessible by all of our licensed nurses so that care is comfortable, predictable, and easy on our residents.

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Onsite Activities

At our location in South Georgia, we are fortunate to have access to a beautiful natural environment that allows us to offer a variety of on-site outdoor activities year-round. Our outdoor fitness classes offer a unique way to stay active and healthy while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. For those who enjoy gardening, our outdoor spaces provide the perfect opportunity to cultivate a green thumb and grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. And when it comes to outdoor entertaining, our barbeque areas provide the perfect setting for gatherings with family and friends.

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Specialized Meal Plans

Each resident receives three meals a day and two snacks. Each resident receives not only a specialized health care plan, but a specialized meal plans that custom tailored to their individual nutrition needs as well as their likes and dislikes. Each meal plan for our residents is administered at the same each day to ensure our residents feel comfortable and safe.

Our Programs

Fitness & Movement

Gym Outings

Circuit Training


Hula Hoop Contest

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Group Workouts

Resident-Led Classes

Professional Training Sessions

Sports Studies


Warmup/Cool Down

Equipment Safety & Use Training

Art & Music

Jewelry Making

DIY Apartment Decor

DIY Garden Decor


Writer’s Workshop

Instrument Lessons


Music Classes

Photography Classes

Sewing Classes

Resident-Led Art Classes

Community Outreach

Animal Shelters

Coffee Shops

Community Service

Elementary Schools

Habitat for Humanity

Hospital Cafeteria Service

& More New Opportunities Added Regularly

Movie night with friends
Person Holding a Basket at a Garden
Young businesswoman interviews job candidate
Young yoga and fitness trainer in activewear helping disable girl
a man with disabilities draws pictures and is engaged in art
African ethnicity human hand picking up game card on a game board. Diverse family game night

Job Coaching

Resume Creation

Employment Placement

Employment Training

Inter-personal Professional Skills

Interview Assistance

Ongoing Support

Problem Solving Skills Training

Learning How to Take Constructive Criticism

Community Night

Bingo Night

Coffee Socials

Dance Parties

Game Night (Xbox Tournaments, Cards, Board Games, Puzzles and more)

Ice Cream Social

Juice Bar Happy Hour

Reading Time

Visit Local Library

Movie & Popcorn Night

Life Management

Budgeting & Managing Finances

Cooking Classes

Preparing Menus

Horticultural Therapy


Hair & Makeup Classes


Interpersonal Relationship Skills


Personal Hygiene

Public Transportation

Resident Eligibility

Our goal to create a community led us to develop the qualifications below. Read through and see if Cambridge Assisted Living is the right place for your loved one.

Resident must be an adult with a primary diagnosis of complex learning, language intellectual or developmental disability. This may include autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and other similar conditions.


  • Has mastered basic grooming and hygiene skills.
  • Has had no past illegal activity or substance abuse.
  • May require minor physical assistance. This may include help with mobility, medication, and activities of daily living.
  • Responds to a positive and structured environment.
  • Have social skills that are appropriate to live in a community of semi-independent peers.
  • Resident and/or family must be able to pay expenses solely as private pay.
  • Has the ability to communicate needs, pain, and frustrations verbally or otherwise.

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Work With US

If you are interested becoming part of the Cambridge Assisted Living Family, please request an employee application form by clicking the link below.

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